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Media proposal


Pricing and page size for advertisements

 B/2 page (inner cover)   600.000,-Ft 
 B/3 page (inner rear cover)   600.000,-Ft 
 B/4 page (rear cover)   700.000,-Ft 
 1/1 pageportrait 206X292 mm +5-5 mm bleed 500.000,-Ft 
  portrait175X248 mm  500.000,-Ft 
 1/2 pagelandscape 206X143 mm  +5-5 mm bleed250.000,-Ft 
 landscape 175X115 mm  250.000,-Ft 
 portrait 100X292 mm +5-5 mm bleed 250.000,-Ft 
 portrait85X235 mm  250.000,-Ft 
 1/3 pageportrait 70X292 mm +5-5 mm bleed 170.000,-Ft 
 portrait 55X235 mm  170.000,-Ft 
 landscape206X94 mm +5-5 mm leed 170.000,-Ft 
 1/4 pageportrait100X143 mm +5-5 mm bleed120.000,-Ft 
 portrait85X115 mm  120.000,-Ft 
 landscape206X69 mm +5-5 mm bleed 120.000,-Ft 
 landscape 175X55 mm  120.000,-Ft 

For paid PR articles, fees for the required area apply.
The prices indicated do not include VAT.

Technical fee: 15% (for non-print ready materials)

Custom discounts are individually.



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