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Dr.Fodros Istvan igazolvany_kep_.jpgRecently our editorial office received several letters from our readers, which have only confirmed our intention to set up the on-line version of our Magazine. We have been aware of the advantages of appearing on-line in the interactive environment of twenty-first century, but we wanted to gain sufficient information before implementing it. We took our time to collect the necessary experience with respect to the market of various electronic newspapers.

Our aim was to set up a user- and reader-friendly home page so that our visitors could obtain a lot of information in a simple way. All the texts of Diplomatic Magazine are not available on-line, but as you can see we put quite a few of our printed articles on our home page. The on-line version of Diplomatic Magazine – as you may well notice – provides the English translation of these articles since it is the the bi-lingual character of our Magazine – in addition to its exclusive content – that ensures its unique place on the Hungarian market. We hope that you will also enjoy the design of our on-line version!  

 Dea Reader, let me call your attention to that the print version of our Magazine was re-designed and enlarged with sixteen pages at the end of last year, so it now offers you even more interesting and insightful reports. We hope that you will like our new ’outfit’ and that we have successfully preserved the popular features of our Magazine. We, as always, are looking forward to receiving your comments or suggestions in connection with both the print and on-line versions of our Magazine. We expect that our readers will be even more motivated to share their ideas with us through our on-line version.


Dr. István Fodros

Owner, CEO and Editor-in-Chief



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